Park Royal

1 Lakeside Dr, London, NW10 7HQ, England

Park Royal: Cave of Adullam

Introducing the Park Royal Building, a distinguished six-story facility located at 1 Lakeside Dr, London, NW10 7HQ, England. This building, referred to as the “Cave of Adullam,” is dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals who are often marginalized by society.

The “Cave of Adullam” is designed to be a place of growth and development, aligning with our mission to transform lives and build a more inclusive and supportive community.

Thanks to our collaboration with Wise Hands, we are making all areas of our buildings accessible to both deaf and blind individuals, ensuring full accessibility for everyone. The renovation of this building is progressing according to plan, with each improvement carefully designed to enhance the functionality and welcoming atmosphere for future programs and events.

We are committed to making the Park Royal a place where everyone feels valued and empowered to achieve their full potential. Recognise this significant transformation and look forward to the promising developments ahead.

As you step into the ground floor, you are greeted by the welcoming reception area. The enticing aroma of freshly prepared sushi emanates from Mr. T. Sushi, a popular dining spot. Moving further, you can access the car park, convenient for visitors and employees alike. There are vibrant rooms where jiujitsu, gymnastics, and dance classes take place, each filled with energetic participants honing their skills. Towards the west wing, the SCHILD Project classrooms are bustling with students, each deeply engaged in their lessons.

Ascending to the first floor, you enter the west wing, where a spacious auditorium is available for hire. This versatile space is perfect for events, conferences, and various gatherings. As you move towards the east wing, you discover two churches coexisting harmoniously, being one of them the church Abundante Vida (Brazillian), each conducting their services and activities.

On the second floor, the west wing is dedicated to rentable rooms, available both during the week and on weekends. This flexible arrangement accommodates various needs, from meetings to workshops. In the east wing, SCHIELD Medicine operates its clinics, offering medical services to the building’s occupants and the surrounding community. The floor is interconnected by walkways, allowing easy movement between the right and left sides.

The third floor is home to the Faith and Victory Church (French African). This level is devoted to the church’s activities, providing ample space for worship, community gatherings, and spiritual enrichment. The floor is designed with connecting walkways, ensuring seamless access between the two sides of the building.

On the fourth floor, you find the headquarters of Wise Hands, a professional and innovative workspace dedicated to fostering business growth and development. This floor is equipped with modern amenities and a layout that encourages collaboration and productivity. The left and right sides of the floor are connected by a well-constructed passage, ensuring seamless interaction and movement. This connection not only facilitates efficient workflow but also promotes a sense of unity and teamwork among employees and visitors. The environment here is tailored to support the company’s mission of providing wise and practical solutions.

4th Floor Vision

Building Plan

The fifth floor houses the headquarters of the Ukrainian Church, a serene and welcoming space designed to support the spiritual and communal activities of its members. This floor provides ample space for worship services, community events, and cultural activities that celebrate the rich heritage of the Ukrainian community. The left and right sides of the floor are seamlessly connected by a thoughtfully designed passage, fostering unity and accessibility. This connection enhances the sense of community and ensures that all members can easily participate in the various activities and services offered.

Finally, the east side of the sixth floor is home to the headquarters of a Brazilian church called Ministério Profético Pão da Vida, a vibrant and culturally rich space that serves as a hub for the Brazilian community. The space is designed to offer a warm and inviting environment for worship, social gatherings, and cultural events. The spacious areas are adorned with elements that reflect Brazilian heritage, creating a sense of home and belonging. On the west side of the floor, there are the building’s administrative offices. As with the other floors, the east and west sides are connected by a well-designed passage that ensures easy navigation and fosters a harmonious environment. This thoughtful design supports the church’s mission to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for all its members.

Park Royal: Donate and Book a Room

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