Empowering Local Initiatives

Biweekly Entrepreneurs’ Meeting of the Kingdom

Introducing a unique model of gatherings and events deeply rooted in the Kingdom of
God’s culture, we invite Christian entrepreneurs and business owners to embark on a transformative journey. This initiative is more than a networking opportunity; it is a sacred space where faith, business, and community converge to create a tapestry of Kingdom centred growth and impact.

Our program is designed with the dual purpose of fostering robust business connections and nurturing spiritual vitality among Christian entrepreneurs. By participating, members will not only discover new business opportunities and collaborations but also engage in spiritual practices that deepen their faith and commitment to God’s work.

Biweekly meetings serve as the cornerstone of our program, providing a rhythm of engagement that balances professional development with spiritual enrichment. Each gathering is thoughtfully structured to include inspirational keynote speeches, business spotlights, group prayer sessions, and educational workshops. These components are carefully selected to inspire, challenge, and support our members on their journey of integrating their faith with their business practices.

In alignment with the Kingdom of God’s culture, our program places a strong emphasis on charity and social impact. Through partnerships with Outreach Ministry and Wise Hands, we offer our members the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects that extend beyond the walls of the church, impacting local communities and beyond. Our focus on educational enrichment through free IT courses provided by Wise Hands embodies our commitment to empowering individuals with the skills necessary for modern-day

Moreover, recognising the importance of sound financial stewardship, we’ve integrated essential financial education into our program. Workshops and seminars on Gift Aid and R&D tax reliefs are designed to equip our members with the knowledge to optimize their contributions and benefit from tax incentives, ensuring that their businesses can thrive financially while making a significant charitable impact.

This program is not just about business growth; it’s about building a community of Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs who support each other, pray for one another, and collectively work towards a vision that transcends individual success. It’s about creating a space where the values of the Kingdom of God inform and guide our business practices, leading to a holistic approach to entrepreneurship that honours God and serves humanity.

We warmly invite you to join us in this exciting endeavour. Together, let’s embark on a journey of faith, fellowship, and entrepreneurial excellence, rooted in the culture of the Kingdom of God.

1. Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant community of Christian entrepreneurs who are deeply committed to integrating their faith with their business practices, fostering an environment where spiritual growth, professional development, and social impact intersect harmoniously. We aim to empower our members to not only thrive in their respective industries but also to serve as beacons of God’s love and grace in the business world. Through regular, purpose-driven gatherings, educational initiatives, and collaborative projects, we strive to provide a platform for Christian business owners to connect, support each other, and explore opportunities for growth and service. Our vision extends beyond mere financial success; it encompasses the nurturing of a supportive network that champions the principles of the Kingdom of God, encouraging members to lead with integrity, generosity, and a deep sense of purpose. 

2. Target Audience

This group includes Christian entrepreneurs and business owners interested in networking, spiritual growth, and contributing to society through their businesses.

3. Value Proposition

We want to offer value proposition that addresses the needs and desires of your target audience:
Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.
Business Growth: Discover new business opportunities and collaborations.
Spiritual Support: Participate in group prayer sessions for business success.
Educational Benefits: Gain access to free IT courses provided by Wise Hands, enhancing personal and employee skill sets.
Social Impact: Contribute to charity outreach through Outreach Ministry and Wise Hands, impacting local communities positively.

4. Program Structure

Outline the structure of the biweekly meetings:
Welcome and Networking: Casual mingling to foster connections.
Keynote Speeches: Guest speakers on business, spirituality, and charity work.
Business Spotlights: Members share their business stories, challenges, and successes.
Group Prayer and Support: Dedicated time for spiritual support and prayer for businesses.
Educational Segment: Presentations or workshops from Wise Hands on IT skills.
Charity Initiatives: Updates and involvement opportunities with Outreach Ministry and Wise Hands.

5. Membership Model

Our membership model is designed to foster a sense of belonging and mutual growth among Christian entrepreneurs. By joining our community, members gain access to a wealth of resources, opportunities for networking, and avenues for both personal and professional development, all within a faith-based context.

Key Features of the Membership Model.
Exclusive Access to Biweekly Meetings: Members can attend our regular gatherings, which feature inspirational speakers, business spotlights, and group prayer sessions, providing both spiritual nourishment and business insights.
Educational Workshops and Seminars: Members have the opportunity to participate in workshops and seminars focused on vital business skills, financial stewardship, and integrating faith into business practices. Special sessions on Gift Aid and R&D tax relief are included to optimize financial contributions and incentives.
One-on-One Financial Consultations: To further support our members in their financial stewardship, we offer personal consultations with accounting experts, focusing on tax planning, Gift Aid, and R&D tax relief claims.
Networking Opportunities: Our model emphasises building meaningful connections, offering members the chance to network with like-minded entrepreneurs, share experiences, and explore potential collaborations.
Community Service Projects: Members are encouraged to participate in community service projects and charity initiatives, facilitated through our partnerships with Outreach Ministry and Wise Hands, to make a tangible impact in the community.
Member-Only Resources: Access to a private portal filled with educational content, templates, and tools designed to support the members in their business and spiritual journey.
Membership Offer: A modest annual membership fee is introduced to support the operational costs of the program and fund charity initiatives. In return, members receive unparalleled access to a community and resources that support both their business growth and spiritual development.
Joining Our Community: Our membership is open to all Christian entrepreneurs who share our vision of integrating faith into business and making a positive impact in the world. By joining, members become part of a supportive network committed to their success and aligned with the values of the Kingdom of God.

6. Partnerships

Our program thrives on strategic partnerships that enhance the value and reach of our offerings. Recognising the power of collaboration, we actively seek partnerships with local businesses, churches, educational institutions, and non-profit organisations that share our vision of fostering a community of faith-driven entrepreneurs.

The Role of Partnerships:
Venue Support: Local churches and businesses provide spaces for our biweekly meetings and events, enabling us to host our gatherings in welcoming and accessible locations.
Educational Collaborations: By partnering with educational institutions and professional experts, we offer our members a diverse range of workshops and seminars that cover crucial business skills, financial literacy, and spiritual growth topics.
Community Impact Projects: Collaborations with non-profit organisations, such as Outreach Ministry and Wise Hands, allow our members to engage in meaningful charity initiatives, directly contributing to the betterment of local communities.
Resource Sharing: Partnerships with local businesses and service providers bring valuable resources and services to our members, from financial consulting to professional development tools, often at exclusive rates or conditions.
The Benefits of Partnerships: These partnerships not only expand the resources and opportunities available to our members but also strengthen the ecosystem of Christian entrepreneurship. They enable us to create a more comprehensive support network, facilitating connections that empower our members to grow their businesses in alignment with their faith. Moreover, these collaborations amplify our collective impact, allowing us to serve and uplift communities through charitable efforts and the promotion of ethical business practices. Our approach to partnerships is grounded in mutual respect, shared values, and a commitment to advancing the Kingdom of God through our collective efforts. We believe that by working together, we can achieve far more than we ever could alone, embodying the spirit of community and cooperation at the heart of our faith.


7. Marketing and Recruitment

Develop a marketing plan to attract members and sponsors. Utilize social media, church networks, Christian business directories, and word-of-mouth. Highlight success stories and testimonials.

8. Measurement and Feedback

Implement a system to measure the impact of the meetings on business growth, community impact, and individual spiritual growth. Collect feedback to continually improve the program.

9. Sustainability and Growth

Plan for long-term sustainability through diversifying income sources, such as sponsorships, grants, and fundraising events. Consider expanding the program to include more locations or virtual meetings to reach a wider audience.

10. Social Impact Goals

Set clear goals for the social impact of the program, such as the number of individuals trained by Wise Hands, community projects supported by Outreach Ministry, and overall improvement in the local business ecosystem.

Educational Component

11. Financial Workshops and Seminars

Gift Aid Explained: Organize workshops led by tax professionals to explain how Gift Aid works, its benefits for both the donor and the charity, and how businesses can utilize it effectively. Gift Aid allows charities to increase the value of donations from UK taxpayers by claiming back the basic rate of tax on the donation from the government, enhancing the impact of the contribution.

R&D Tax Relief Sessions: Conduct seminars on how businesses can claim Research and Development (R&D) tax reliefs. These sessions should cover eligibility, how to make a claim, and the types of expenditures that qualify. R&D tax reliefs support companies that work on innovative projects in science and technology, allowing them to reduce their tax bill or receive a tax credit.

12. One-on-One Financial Consultations

Offer personal consultations with accounting experts or tax advisors for businesses that are interested in deeper financial guidance. These consultations can help businesses navigate the complexities of tax relief claims and optimize their contributions through Gift Aid.

Accounting Support

13. Partnership with Accounting Firms

Forge partnerships with accounting firms willing to provide pro bono or discounted services to members of your program. These firms can offer expertise in tax planning, Gift Aid, and R&D tax relief claims, adding significant value to your membership.

14. Online Resources and Tools

Develop a member-only portal with resources, guides, and tools related to financial management, Gift Aid, and R&D tax reliefs. This could include templates for tracking and claiming eligible expenses, FAQs, and updates on tax legislation.

Implementation Strategy

15. Schedule and Promote Financial Education Events

Plan a schedule of financial workshops and seminars throughout the year. Promote these events through your program’s newsletters, social media channels, and partner networks to ensure maximum participation.

16. Integrate Financial Education into Biweekly Meetings

Include a financial education segment in some of your biweekly meetings. This could be a brief presentation, a case study discussion, or an update session on new financial regulations and opportunities.

17. Measure Impact and Gather Feedback

Collect feedback from participants regarding the usefulness and clarity of the financial education provided. Use this feedback to refine and improve the educational content and delivery methods. Also, track the increase in Gift Aid contributions and successful R&D tax relief claims as metrics of the program’s impact.


***Incorporating the vibrant world of startups and the realm of potential investors into our model of faith-driven events presents an exciting array of opportunities to attract new entrepreneurs, educate them, and foster meaningful connections. Here are several strategies to capitalize on these opportunities.

a. Startup Showcases and Pitch Nights

Organize special events where entrepreneurs can present their startups to the community and potential investors. These showcases not only provide visibility for budding businesses but also offer a platform for feedback, encouragement, and potential funding. Pitch nights can be themed around the values of the Kingdom, emphasising businesses that seek to make a positive impact on society.

b. Investor Networking Events

Create exclusive networking events that bring together entrepreneurs and investors interested in faith-driven ventures. These events can include panel discussions, speed networking sessions, and informal meet-and-greets, allowing entrepreneurs to build relationships with potential investors who share their values and vision.

c. Educational Workshops on Startups and Investment

Host workshops and seminars led by successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business mentors on various topics related to startups, including business planning, scaling, venture funding, and angel investing. Focus on the unique challenges and opportunities of launching and growing startups within a Christian ethical framework.

d. Mentorship Programs

Develop a mentorship program that pairs new entrepreneurs with experienced business owners and investors from within the community. These mentors can provide guidance, share experiences, and offer practical advice on navigating the startup ecosystem while staying true to Christian values.